Apple cake with crumbles al la granny

Ingredients for the topping:

  • · 2 kilograms of apples
  • · Lemon juice
  • · 50 gram sugar
  • · 1 vanilla sugar
  • · ½ tsp cinnamon


Ingredients for the crumbles:

  • · 150 gram flour
  • · 120 gram sugar
  • · A dash of salt
  • · A bit of cinnamon
  • · 120 gram butter


Ingredients fort he dough:

  • · 250 gram soft butter
  • · 250 gram sugar
  • · A dash of salt
  • · 1 vanilla sugar
  • · 5 eggs
  • · 350 gram flour
  • · 1 baking powder



First you peel and cut the apples into small and thin pieces. I sometimes use my special machine to cut them easily and fast! After that put some lemon juice on it with the cinnamon and sugar.

For the crumbles you mix the flour with sugar and cinnamon. Put in the butter and knead it with your fingers. Then put it into the fridge!

For the dough you need the butter, salt, sugar and vanilla sugar. Fill in the eggs and mix it until it gets fluffy and creamy. At the end you fill in the flour and baking powder!

Take your baking sheet and put in the dough. If the dough is smooth put on the apples.

Then do not forget the crumbles! Put them on the top. Bake the cake in the oven for 40 minuets with 180 degrees celsius.

Let it cool down and put some icing sugar on it! Advice: Of course and if you like you can put in some raisins!

Enjoy it and all the best!


Grudrun von Mödling

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